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Discipleship is a Direction, Not a Destination

At Spring Baptist Church, we believe discipleship is about a direction, not a destination.  In other words, being a disciple of Jesus Christ is a process that starts at salvation and ends when we go to heaven.  So how do you know you are actively engaged in discipleship?  We've identified eight characteristics of a disciple.  Think of these as signposts to help guide you along your discipleship pathway.
• Bible engagement
• Obey God and deny self
• Share Christ
• Serve God and others
• Seek God
• Exercise faith
• Build relationships
• Live unashamed
Starting in 2023, we will add videos regularly (beginning with a series of 12 videos on Bible engagement followed by Sharing Christ) until we cover all eight signposts. We pray that Spring Baptist Church will provide valuable resources to equip you to be the disciple God desires and that you will make other disciples.

Sign Post: Prayer

This 12-week class will help you learn how to improve your prayer life. 

Week 1.  Overview VideoPDF Slides

Week 2.  OverviewVideo |  PDF Slides 

Week 3.  OverviewVideo |  PDF Slides 

Week 4.  Overview VideoPDF Slides 

Week 5.  Overview |  Video PDF Slides 

Week 6.  Overview |  Video PDF Slides 

Week 7.  Overview |  VideoPDF Slides

Week 8.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides


Sign Post: Share Christ

This 12-week class will help you learn how to better share the good news of Jesus with your family and friends. You will learn there is no one right way to share what Christ has done. Some people respond to the Word through facts and proofs, others through stories, and still others through relationships. This study will show you how you can better share the message of Christ in our current world. 

Week 1.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides

Week 2.  Overview |  Video |  PDF Slides 

Week 3.  Overview VideoPDF Slides

Week 4.  Overview |  Video PDF Slides

Week 5.  Overview |  VideoPDF Slides

Week 6.  Overview |  Video |  PDF Slides

Week 7.  OverviewVideo |  PDF Slides

Week 8.  Overview Video |  PDF Slides

Week 9.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides

Week 10.  Overview VideoPDF Slides

Week 11.  OverviewVideo PDF Slides

Week 12.  OverviewVideo |  PDF Slides

Sign Post: Bible Engagement

This 12-week class will better equip you to read, understand, and apply God's Word in your daily life. Each week will contain the following: Lesson overview, video presentation, and a PDF of the slides

Week 1.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides 

Week 2.  Overview |  Video PDF Slides 

Week 3.  Overview |  Video  PDF Slides 

Week 4.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides  

Week 5.  OverviewVideo |  PDF Slides   

Week 6.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides   

Week 7.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides   

Week 8.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides  

Week 9.  Overview |  Video PDF Slides  

Week 10.  Overview VideoPDF Slides  

Week 11.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides 

Week 12.  OverviewVideoPDF Slides 

Whether you are new to the faith or have been a Christian for a while, but need to take some foundational steps, the Journey is for you.

The Journey

We know that following Jesus is a journey. There are some important foundational steps along this adventure, and we want to help. Being a follower of Jesus is about a direction, not a destination...being a disciple never ends.  We simply continue on a lifelong journey of knowing and following him.

Text the word, "Journey" to 832-990-9205. When you do, you will receive a series of text and email messages from us over the next seven weeks, each one designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and to offer encouragement along the way.

We'll see you on the journey!